What do you carry in your work bag?

Recently, I have been following the LifeHacker Flickr page dedicated to everyday 'Go Bags' that people take with them to work or on their daily travels. I have that there are a great variety, and decided to show off mine, which I would describe as a academic/writers bag.

My Go Bag Contents

My Academic/Writing Go Bag

My Academic/Writing Go Bag

The Bag

 Fossil Estate Messenger Bag - Not the best bag, but the best I have had so far

The Contents:

Other items include business cards, flash drives, and other misc pocket items I should get rid of from my bag.

 I think seeing how others organize their everyday bags really has helped me get what I needed, so that I can effectively travel across campus between my office, meeting spaces, the hospital/clinic, and my home without feeling that I forgot anything major. Would be happy to hear what you carry daily, or go share with everyone else!