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A space for pharmacists to learn about recent technological innovations and their impact on pharmacy.


Thinking Beyond the Fill

Technology has in many ways drastically changed the direction of healthcare in the past decade. Digital Health presents multiple new directions on the delivery of patient care, and pharmacy is no different. Just as pharmaceutical companies are looking to "Think beyond the pill" as a business model, so too must the pharmacy profession adopt a new mentality on how to leverage technology to deliver patient care and expand our roles. This website is geared towards those in the pharmacy profession (community, institutional, academia, industry) and other healthcare providers or those with an interest in how technology and innovation is impacting the pharmacy space. 

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Pharmacy Innovation News


Where Can Pharmacy Innovate?


Focused Medication Management Services

Aside from the verification and dispensing of prescriptions, the pharmacy profession will need to expand its clinical roles in order to maintain a patient-facing role, lest we be consigned to an invisible professional that patients at large will not seek out. Whether this is Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services, prescriptive authority, or more tailored services is up for debate - but the pursuit of reimbursement for such clinical services is tantamount for the profession.


Integrating and Delivering Digital Health Services

The internet-of-things has revolutionized the role of how society engages with technology on a daily basis. Factor in an 'Uber' mentaility, and you now face an environment where patients expect things much differently in healthcare as well. Pharmacy will need to find a way to integrate the use of these new devices into patient care, while also providing services capitalizing on data collected to guide patient outcomes - as long as the data stands up of course.


Redesigning the Pharmacy Workflow for New Technology

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, integrated workflow systems, advanced automation. These are all coming down the pipeline and arguably most pharmacy workflow systems are not currently prepared or designed to integrate such new developments. Nonetheless, creating and preparing future pharmacists to understand and utilize these developments will be key and useful for practicing in a newly developing healthcare system. 



...or Blogging if you want. In any event, these articles are more thought pieces or guesswork on my part, related to technology, healthcare, and academia.