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Digital Health Companies Overview

Unsurprisingly, there has been an explosion of companies in the digital health space in the past decade. I remember when I first started reviewing mobile apps and devices back in 2011 and at the time wondering where it would all lead. Now, I am happy to see some of my predictions coming true and sadly watching some promising companies fading from memory. But thats the business.

With the FDA stepping in finally and certifying products, pharmaceutical companies looking to get involved, and start-ups maturing, I feel comfortable highlighting companies and products that I feel impact the pharmacy space. That being the case, you will find below several areas where I feel digital health is or will make a difference, and company profiles for your reading pleasure.

It is my hope this page will serve as a resource for researchers, investors, and others looking to see what the playing field is like at this time, and I plan on updating it quarterly.


Medication Adherence Companies

How could any pharmacy focused website on digital health not put a premium on medication adherence? So, for this category of companies, I am currently listing digital health devices or platforms that focus on assessing and monitoring medication adherence directly. Tangentially, I am also including products that help organize and inform patients on their medications. So this section will not talk about packaging services, delivery of products, etc.

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Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Companies

Digital Therapeutics is a rather new term in the digital health space, and there really isn’t a clear definition that I have come across on what qualifies. Nonetheless, it is clear that DTx are products or platforms intended to treat or manage diseases and conditions that patients face. Ideally, in time, DTx will be prescribed by providers for treatment or be used adjunctly with current practice. For now, I am going to only include products that are FDA approved or likely to be approved in the near future.

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Virtual Pharmacy and On-Demand Prescriptions Companies

Still not sure how to define these, but in essence companies focused on using teleservices to provide prescriptions that can be delivered to a patient. There has been a number of these popping up lately, and I expect major changes in the near future as they grow.

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