Can We Gamify Rotations with Mobile Tech?

It's got monsters, whats not to love?

It's got monsters, whats not to love?

Recently I have been trying to find a way to give feedback to my students daily on their clinical rotations. However, finding the time between patients, traveling to clinic, and other duties on campus can pose a barrier. I have sent emails, but sometimes I feel that I forgot something important to review or discuss.

interestingly, I have been perusing Edudemic and the educational app section of the iTunes Store for a possible solution, as all my students have smartphones and it could serve as an intermediary device. One app that I came across is Class Dojo

Originally designed for what seems to be K-12,  the one thing that I feel this could be beneficial for would be formative feedback for students. Looking over the default positive/improvement awards, a preceptor could choose multiple areas in their clinical rotation to focus on. For instance, professional development could focus on timeliness, dress, attitude, project management, or collaborative skills to highlight. 

It is my plan to discuss this with other faculty, and see if it would be possible to test such apps or platforms. Primarily, would look for ways to increase formative assessment and student feedback, while meeting objective requirements according for the rotation.

Other avenues to look into would be quizzes or team-based learning via devices for project management or discussions over the course of the rotation. Several that I have come across include Socrative, Schoology, and Exit Ticket.

I would be interested to hear from other faculty looking into this area, or those that know of other tech/hacks available that have worked for them, especially in regards to clinical rotations across any profession.