Dynamed Releases New Standalone App - How to Install

Full Disclosure: I love Dynamed. It may be the EBM (Evidence-Based Medicine) side talking, but Dynamed is one reference I turn to routinely, primarily because it is also available as an App. Omnio previously hosted the Dynamed system within it's app, but recently Dynamed released a new and standalone app platform. For those that are looking to get Dynamed on their mobile device, I prepared a 'How-To' guide for your reference.

1. Download Dynamed App (Here)

Get the app on your device, and make sure you have sufficient space to host the app and its database on your device. 


2. Go To Your Institutions Library and Access Dynamed and Select the Mobile Tab on the Top Menu Bar


3. Enter in Personal Institution Email Address


4. Wait for Email to Arrive in Mailbox. Open the Email from Dynamed on Your Device and It Will Launch The App


5. And You are Ready to Go!


Hope this guide helped you get started!