Smart Sensors for Insulin Pens - Major Players and Product Reviews

Smart Sensors and Insulin Pens

Whats the impact on digital health progress?

Recently I had the good fortune to work with two of my colleagues at MCPHS to write a review on digital health focused products for insulin pens, namely smart sensors and associated devices. Now, this has been a topic of mine that I have addressed for some time. I have a running list of products on this website, and similar articles published over the years. However, this was a nice deep dive into the topic. I would advise if you are invested in the digital health diabetes space, this would be a good read to see what companies are doing. A coauthor shared the paper on LinkedIn which I’ll reference here for access if you do not have an account with Diabetes Spectrum where our paper was published:

Perhaps one item to also address since this publication was worked on is the implication of the smart insulin pens coming to market. I think this will change the field significantly here shortly, and we are seeing the era of digital medicines coming to the market.