Digital Health for Pharmacists E-Book - 2019 Edition


One issue I think holding back the pharmacy profession is a lack of knowledge available about digital health for most pharmacists. Most books are geared towards MD/DO, or tech companies. Other papers and organization pieces are meant for investors and start-up founders. That inspired me to put a narrative piece for pharmacists on the digital health landscape of 2019. I am not saying this is definitive, or well cited - to be honest I could put together a longer piece critically appraising the current literature - but I feel that is beyond the current scope. As such, I focused on introducing a primer to the wider pharmacy audience as and introduction to the topic and to get a basic understanding. If this does well, I may revisit and create a more thorough work in the future.

Feel free to download this primer below, it will come from a Dropbox account due to its size (50mb). It is free, and I hope you enjoy it. If you do like it, please feel free to share it with others or leave a review below!