Digital Health for Pharmacists E-Book - 2019 Edition


One issue I think holding back the pharmacy profession is a lack of knowledge available about digital health for most pharmacists. Most books are geared towards MD/DO, or tech companies. Other papers and organization pieces are meant for investors and start-up founders. That inspired me to put a narrative piece for pharmacists on the digital health landscape of 2019. I am not saying this is definitive, or well cited - to be honest I could put together a longer piece critically appraising the current literature - but I feel that is beyond the current scope. As such, I focused on introducing a primer to the wider pharmacy audience as and introduction to the topic and to get a basic understanding. If this does well, I may revisit and create a more thorough work in the future.


  1. Introduction to Digital Health

  2. Medication Adherence

  3. Wearables and Digital Biomarkers of Health

  4. Genomics and Medical Testing

  5. The Smart Home and Telecare

  6. Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and the Future of Clinical Practice

  7. Digital Therapeutics

  8. Evolution of Pharmacy Services

  9. Lasting Thoughts and Predictions

  10. List of Pharmacists in Digital Health

Feel free to download this primer below, it will come from a Dropbox account due to its size (50mb). It is free, and I hope you enjoy it. If you do like it, please feel free to share it with others or leave a review below!