Omnicell's Approach to Medication Adherence Infographic

My recent infographic on the use of digital health technology to help address medication adherence went better than I thought, and reminds me that most individuals rather look at visuals than read a block of text.

A representative of Omnicell reached out to me, and wanted to share their infographic approach to medication adherence, and I thought I would share it. For those unfamiliar with Omnicell, they are a company dedicated towards developing and implementing automaton technology centered around drug distribution in health systems. As such, their products range from large medication dispersal systems, to workflow management,  to label creators. In this case, they have been recently pushing for the development of medication packaging. With the recent large interest in multi-dose dispensing systems (MDDS) getting attention now, I thought it would be interesting to show what else pharmacy has available.

Courtesy of Omnicell

I think with the revival of interests in superheroes thanks to the movies (Avengers anyone?), this infographic can grab attention. For me, I it helps me learn how others develop their layout and focus, and I can always learn from it.

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts, and if you know of any great infographics, let me know!