Recent Call for Papers Centering on Medicine and Mobile Technologies

I spent some time this weekend looking into whether any theme issues or call for papers were relevant to my topic areas (e.g. mHealth, mobile technology & Medicine, Geriatric Care, Transitions in Care), and noticed an upsurge of calls for technological pieces. I have shared them here for anyone looking to submit their research to any of these journals. I recognize that most of them are not big name journals, but, for the specific interest they offer, it may be beneficial for those that have been collecting data in this field looking for a  place to publish and share their knowledge with the general community. I hope to see a call for similar topics from top journals in a few years, or perhaps a bigger push for such data.

  • IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (Link) "Big Data for Health" - Looks like they are running a theme piece on the use of 'Big-Data' in medicine and healthcare.
  • IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (Link) "Sensor Informatics and Quantified Self" - Another call from the same journal, though this time centered on the collection of data for the quantified self movement. What is interesting is they are taking case studies and smaller sets of data. I wonder if patients could contribute their personal experiences?
  • Health Psychology (Link) "eHealth & mHealth" - Journal is looking for short reports and full research on ..."(1) feasibility, efficacy, and effectiveness studies of eHealth and mHealth interventions; (2) evaluation of technologies, particularly as it relates to user adherence, behavior change, and symptom improvement; (3) use of information and communication technology within the areas of assessment and measurement; and (4) theory and models within eHealth and mHealth research."
  • International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics (Link) "Health Informatics for Ageing and Independent Living" - This call seems to be for those investigating the utilization of mHealth and associated technological innovations into the ageing population. Seems like a more technical aspect journal, however.
  • International Journal of Telemedicine and Clinical Practice (Link) "Smart Devices and Collective Intelligence for the Telemedicine and Healthcare System" - There is a large breadth of topics under this call, I would just recommend opening the link and reading the numerous topics, I am sure if it has anything to do with mobile devices, mHealth, eHealth, they would be interested.
  • Health Technology Letters (Link) "Wearable Healthcare Technology" - Just as it says, theses guys are all about different wearable technologies and its potential impact on healthcare.