How to Use Google Chrome to Quickly Access Clinical Information

On my rotation, I watched one of my students look up drug information and related clinical information from our university resources using only his Google Chrome Browser. What was most fascinating, was the fact he was searching only using the web browser, and didn't need to go through the schools portals to access each resource.

For some time, I had just bookmarked all of my favorite resources, but would need to login to each page or continually scroll through my bookmarks to find the resource I wanted. Instead, this student just searched for the information, and was amazingly quick about it. 

I realized this was something I could learn from my student, and we worked together to create a presentation, hoping to share it with others.

What the following presentation demonstrates is how to use your university/hospital resources through the browser search feature. For instance, I can type in "Lexi" and my search term (ex. furosemide) and the browser will take me to the Furosemide monograph on Lexicomp. I have also used this for Micromedex and Dynamed. My student uses it for medical terminology and other favorite resources he finds beneficial in his education. I hope you equally find this useful.