Dr. Aungst Rotation

The following information is for students on rotation with Dr. Aungst at MCPHS. This is an Ambulatory Care Rotation focused on home health care management of patients.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Collect necessary missing information to work up patient cases— this involves contacting doctor’s offices and pharmacies

  • Assess patient’s medication list and disease states

  • Participate in weekly patient case discussions with the pharmacist and case managers

  • Shadow nurses during home visits

  • Engage in group and individual presentations on assigned disease states

  • Participate in journal clubs as a group

  • Prepare drug information reports on assigned drug and disease related questions

Materials for Rotation (Bring First Day of Rotation):

  • Application

  • Rotation Syllabus Sign off (Rotation Goals) – last page of the current syllabus

  • Driver’s License / Photo ID

  • CORI check results (provided by the college)

  • Proof of Immunization (list attached)

  • HIPAA In-service

  • HIPAA sign-off

  • Incidents Form

  • Handbook Sign-off

  • Orientation Checklist

Clinical Workflow

The following is a description of the workflow for patients assigned to you. Feel free to use the worksheets created as listed below.

This is a flowchart of how clinical cases will be handled between students and preceptors.

This is a flowchart of how clinical cases will be handled between students and preceptors.

The VNA Workup form will be useful to describe the patients you are working up with the pharmacists and case managers (See sample). The provider communication form is used for sending notifications to providers when traditional communication does not follow through.

EHR Guide and Tips

Please see the following tips and tricks to accessing information on the centers EHR systems. Please note: ONLY ACCESS INFORMATION FROM THE CLINICS COMPUTERS AND NOT AT HOME.

How to access patient info on AXXESS

  1. Go to https://accounts.axxessweb.com/login?ReturnUrl=%2f

  2. Log in using username and password. You will get this upon orientation

  3. In the left-hand corner click the “Century HomeCare, LLC” tab

  4. At the top of the screen you will see a tab titled “patients” click this tab

  5. A drop-down menu will appear, click patient charts

  6. To search a patient, look on the left side of the screen, you will see column that says “find”. Type in the patients MRN number.

  7. The patient's information should appear. On the right side of the screen you will see a box titled “Quick Report for this patient”. Here you can choose what information you want to view about the patient. For example, patient profile, medication profile, Immunization profile etc.

How to access nursing visiting notes

  1. Follow steps 1 – 6 from above

  2. Below the patient information you will see a box with 5 columns with the first column titled “Task”

  3. The skilled nurse visits are listed in order from future appointments to oldest appointments.

  4. The appointments in green are the visits that have already been completed by the nurses.

  5. To view the notes on a specific visit, click on the little “printer icon” that is on the far right in the same row of the appointment.

  6. A window will pop up displaying all the details of the patient's nurse visit.

How to view uploaded documents (Faxed documents from Dr. Offices/hospitals etc.)

  1. Follow steps 1-6 from the How to access patient info on access directions

  2. At the top of the screen you will see a tab titled “upload documents”

  3. Click on the “upload documents” tab and a drop down menu will appear. Click “view documents” in the menu.

  4. A window will pop up showing all the patient documents that have been faxed or mailed to Century HomeCare. Click any document and it will download to the computer. Open the downloaded document and view the document.

Location of Rotation

Rotation is at Century Homecare at 65 Water Street, 2nd Floor, Worcester MA 01604. Parking is available in back, but students should try to park on the side streets. Recommended to park on _________ which has free parking. There is a public parking lot but will cost money next to the building.

Otherwise, if you live on campus it’s a 20-30 minute walk.