Grants & Awards

Some research opportunities only come about due to grants and award money based upon the frantic writing of a researcher hours before the deadline. Cover letter? Budget? Does that seem right? A flourish of thoughts go through the mind, and then the sinking feeling checking the mailbox. Awaiting the dreaded letter of rejection or acceptance. It's not all bad. The following is a few grants and awards I have received.


NIH NLM.jpeg

NIH/NLM Contract

Project Name: Improving the Health Information Literacy Skills of Older Adults and Caregivers, Health Professions Students, and Public Librarians

Grant Allowance: $25,000.00

Synopsis: The aims of the project were to help utilize available online resources such as MedLinePlus to help educate older adults to find appropriate health information. Health professions students and public librarians were also educated on how to identify resources for elderly patients as well, through the internet and mobile medical applications on tablet computers and smartphones.

Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging Title III B & D Grant


Project Name: "Ask the Pharmacist" Medication Management and Chronic Disease Education Program

Grant Allowance: $10,000.00

Synopsis: The aims of this grant were to expand the utilization of pharmacists services in the community by engaging patients with chronic diseases. Ambulatory tests were performed to identify and assess patients status with chronic diseases, focused on diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. Workshops and educational programs were held to help educate patients further in medication use and lifestyle modification plans.

National Association of Chain Drugstores Foundation Grant

Million Hearts.jpeg

Project Name: Million Hearts Campaign in the Outreach Setting

Grant Allowance: $1,000.00

Synopsis: One of the 15 recipients by the NACDS Grant in 2012, from over 70 pharmacy school applicants. The grant was oriented to help patients understand medications meant to help prevent cardiac events in the outreach setting. Students participated at health fairs and hospitals to help educate patients on the value of certain medications for their health in regards to cardiac issues. 



MedTech Boston Google Glass Challenge - GameChanger Award

Synopsis: This was a pitch I gave at the Google Offices in Cambridge, MA, on using Google Glass as a way to engage patients through telemedicine services in the home.